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遅ればせながらの新年のご挨拶レター 続き :Continued Late Family Greetings Letter

Theo was in the hospital in February for a week. He has been having arthritis and abdominal pains on and off for a couple of years and it finally came to a head. He was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), probably Ulcerative Colitis rather than Crohn’s Disease, but they don’t really know. The treatment for both is the same for these chronic diseases. He had a nice rest in the hospital and had a huge appetite after getting on his meds, regaining his weight quickly. At last we found out what had been going on with him for the past 2 years.

He’s turning 15 this Jan 27. He graduated from Marsh Jr. High School in the spring and is now a freshman at Pleasant Valley High School. He participated in the league champion swim team this fall, practicing 5 days a week. He also went braceless and has a really nice (and expensive ^_^) smile. Theo has been playing electric bass and participated in a band camp this summer, where they created their own band, wrote songs and did a performance. He was the Gangnam style guy for Halloween.

This summer we took a fun trip to San Diego to see Grandma Nancy, Aunt Alison and Uncle Ed and the kids. We haven’t been there in a really long time, so it was great to see everybody. We’ll have to make it a regular trip. We went to Chicago also to see Aunt Leslie and family and Gary and Jan. We took a architecture river tour in a killer storm that stranded kayakers along the river, saw A Prairie Home Companion at Ravinia, and did the big city stuff. Grandma Claudia came in August to see Jon and Theo. Then Masami took three of her female college students to Japan to teach ArtEd workshops on her home island and the mainland. Sounds like she had a great girls’ party without us. Chico was a good place to see the solar eclipse, which almost made up for the one we missed in Japan after all the hype.

Jon is still working at the Nature Center, weathering the storm of 4 different directors in the past year. He is playing ukulele with a uke club and helping organize a Ukulele Festival this year (
Masami still professing at CSU Chico and traveling the world to lecture and set up her girls’ comics exhibits. She went to Viet Nam last year and Sydney, Australia is her first trip this year (1/20 – 27/2013).

We all had a busy but fun Christmas season with six Japanese girls from Masami’s home island visiting as part of a cultural exchange program she set up. Jon was teaching them at the Nature Center for 3 days, we toured San Francisco, went skiing at Mt. Shasta, celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and took an early hike into the foothills to watch the sunrise before driving them 3 hrs. to San Francisco to drop them at the airport. (Who came up with that schedule? Oh yeah, Masami.) We found out what it’s like to have 6 daughters and decided that a week a year may be enough, but she has plans to make this an annual event (oh no >_<,,,).

Best Wishes, Kind Thoughts;             Jon, Masami and Theo                                      Copyright J 2012 

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