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My rescuer, Ann Steckel

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Hi all, I'd like to introduce my BEST friend right now since she started to help me for the development of web & blogs just last week.
Well, I did not realize that technology has been updated since I gave up after crushing my old blog!!! With her help, I could organize this (THESE) blogs. Yes, I am still surviving in the US.




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Finally, I updated the visual images of Chile when I visited for South America Project in October, 2007! The project of "Art and Lecture in South America" is supported by the Japan Foundation, New York, and the Embassy of Japan each country in South America.

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Hello, this is Masami!


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日本巡回展示会「Shojo Manga Power!」がとうとう川崎市市民ミュージアムよりスタート(2/16−3/30/08)。ホッと一息、そしてもち乾杯!!!

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Hi this is Masami. I am going to share my experiences in art and education with you through this blog with many visual images including manga and anime.