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7日目にて海の退院&学校への手紙:Out of Enloe on the 7th day




Dear Theo's teachers, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Marshall, Ms., Salado, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Thayer:

This is Masami Toku, Theo's mother.
Thank you so much for understanding his health problem and responding to his E-mail below about ten days ago.

I'd like to share his problem with you. He has been suffering unknown pains and nausea for one and a half years and no doctors could find out the reason. The best explanation we had was "growing pains." About two weeks ago, his ankle and knee were badly swollen and he could not walk by himself anymore.

Because of the severity of his symptoms, he was finally admitted to Enloe hospital for care and testing. After one week stay in Enloe (2/14-2/20), the diagnosis was narrowed to Crohn's disease or a similar disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but fortunately with proper medical care he will be back to almost normal life.

We are so happy that he will go back to school this week; however, he often misses classes to see doctors. Especially, he will not be able to participate in PE for a while.

We hope that you can understand his problem and can give him extra days to catch up any assignments that he missed and might miss in the near future. We will also encourage Theo to continue to work on his studies in all subject areas.

Again thank you so much for your understanding in this matter.
Please feel free to contact us if you need to know any further information in this matter.

Masami Toku
Theo's mother

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