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A Message from Masami: Need your help for the disaster in Japan (3/11/11)


Dear colleagues at Dept. of Art:

As you already might know, Japan (Tohoku region – North part) suffered a big earthquake (M9) and tsunami on March 11. More than 18,000 people passed away and are missing so far. Thank you so much for your many messages. All my family and relatives are living in the central and southern part of Japan and they are okay. But I have many friends around the area and am still waiting for contact from them since it happened.

The entire country of Japan is devastated due to the tragedy and they are still suffering under the cold & snowy weather. US TV, CNN, is dramatically announcing the tragedy and how Japanese people are quiet and patient regardless of such a huge disaster. Although they don't speak out or shout, they deeply suffer ...

Some of you might remember my friend, Prof. Koichi Watanabe who came to participate in the first cultural event of the Way of Asia in 2008 to organize his art show and give his talk. He is from the area, Fukushima, of the nuclear plant crisis. Since the earthquake, he has been having a tough time contacting survivors, and he will be finally able to evacuate from the Fukushima area after the final meeting on Saturday, 4/19. He is one examples of what my Japanese colleagues are doing in response to the disaster.

I would like to do something for them and to do so, I need your HELP.
This is an E-mail to ask your (and your students’) help to participate in my cultural events to raise funds for the suffers of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami (and the fear of nuclear plan crisis >_<,,,). 1. Art Students’ Club fund-raising art sale & workshops (10 AM – 3 PM, Sat., April 9 at Selvesters’ Café):

I am planning to organize the 3rd annual cultural event of Far East Fusion at Creekside Plaza and Selvester’s Café on Saturday, 4/9 (*Please see the attachment). I decided to make this event a fund-raising event for the Japan disaster. However, the event does not produce much money in general. So, I’d like to also have fund-raising workshops (10 – 3 PM) at Selvester’s Café that will be organized by Art Department students (or student clubs such as ArtEd DaDa). If you could encourage your students (especially your area’s student clubs) by selling any of their artworks for the fund-raising, I would really appreciate it. NO need to make anything new. Just bring the left-over artworks from the past classes or so. If you could let me know the possibility, I would really appreciate it.

2. Art Department Faculty Fund-raising Auction (3 PM – 6 or 4-7 PM, April 9 at Selvesters’ Café):

In addition, I am also planning to organize a fund-raising art-auction with your help at Selvester’s Café (3-6 PM or 4-7 PM on Saturday, 4/9). If you could donate any art items (small is great), I would really appreciate it. Again, no need to create any for this event, but look around your office and/or studio to find something for this event. If you could donate your artwork for this fund-raising auction, I would truly appreciate it. Also please let me know the possibility via this mail, hopefully sometime soon (^_^)! (I don’t have my own artworks much anymore, so I am planning to donate a traditional Japanese wedding kimono and/or a manga art created by a female’s comic artist for the auction.)

Jason, University Art Gallery, and his wife, Jenni, are now kindly helping me to organize this idea in a little more detail. I (or maybe Jason) will let you know about it sometime early next week too.

I know that this is a very short notice, but your HELP is essential. I truly appreciate your HELP!

Lastly, the President Office contacted me last Thursday, 3/17 to support all my fund-raising events as co-sponsor and/or collaborator.



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